As Ross competes and coaches a wide range of students from beginners to advanced riders a wide audience can be reached for your products and services. 
If you are interested in sponsoring Ross please contact him. Ross can offer any sponsor the opportunity to participate in:
·        The ownership of horses either individual, by company ownership or as part of a syndicate.
·        Publicity by inclusion in his own website
·        Publicity by adding company names, logos and contact information to his lorry, which is up and down the motorways every week.
·        Publicity by incorporating logos onto clothing and horse wear that can be seen when competing.
·        Publicity by incorporating company or syndicate names into horse registrations, which will be seen in the program of competitions, the scoreboards and over the speaker system.
·        Publicity by inclusion in commentary at all events entered. Commentary is provided with the entry forms.
·        Attendance at events all over the country and overseas.
·        Offering course walks and commentary to sponsors and others who are interested in how an event runs.
  • Taxation advantages - you will need to take your own advice but advantage in taxation terms attach's to sponsorship of this sort.